We make the BBQ a very pleasant experience

The best products for your grill. 

Our purpose

We seek to create an unparalleled experience when making BBQ's, with products that give a unique and delicious cooking and flavor. We work with the best woods of Colombia, worrying about covering all the needs of our clients, giving them high quality products and making a delivery within the agreed times. In addition, we give the possibility of agreeing on the presentation and packaging, as well as delivery logistics, so that each client gets what they are looking for.

About us

We work under a scheme of clean production, governed by principles of quality, social and environmental responsibility, focused on the satisfaction of our customers and aimed at development, growth and market positioning. We are dedicated to environmental services, to the manufacture and commercialization of products derived from solid wood and to the production of elements for BBQ.

Coal briquettes

Roasters, grills and barrels.

Disposable roasters

BBQ outside.

Coffee Pellets

Boilers or smoking BBQ.


Roasters, grills and barrels.

Light fires

To start BBQ's and campfires. 


Fresh and nutritious food.